Daniel Sutherland: (recurrence) horizon

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Gallery 151 Presents:
(recurrence) horizon

Works by Daniel Sutherland
Curated by D2D/T and Wallplay
July 5th-August 11th

Opening July 5th 6-9pm

Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm

Gallery 151, 245 West 14th St, NY, NY 10011

GALLERY 151 is pleased to present (recurrence) horizon; a multidisciplinary exhibition highlighting the Nantucket seascape through the lens of photographer, Daniel Sutherland and his recent collaboration with Abdul Latif for the Ashley Bouder Project. The exhibition, curated by D2D/T and Regina Harsanyi, predominantly features monumental archival photographs printed on Hahnemühle paper, taken between 2008 and 2017. A draped dye-sublimation print on fabric featuring the Nantucket landscape is installed at the center of the gallery, surrounded on all sides by soft, painterly visions of the shoreline, seemingly in the vein of not only Le Grey’s analogue revisions of the Mediterranean or Sugimoto capturing the Baltic Sea but with the chromatic subtlety of Ad Reinhardt’s canvas. With a majority of work featured reaching over three feet in length and five feet in height, Sutherland’s photographs command the 4,000 square foot gallery space, reeling viewers directly into each luminous image.

In conjunction with the exhibition, from July 2nd until July 5th Sutherland’s photographs will be featured in the newest Ashley Bouder Project production, only a few blocks from the gallery at the Joyce Theatre. A piece authored by choreographer, Abdul Latif of D2D/T will celebrate Sutherland’s work through digital projection and costume, exploring feminine strength through nature. Two of these dresses, created by the talented designers, Luis Padilla and Ana Caprio will be printed with Sutherland’s images of the Nantucket coast and displayed in the gallery among Sutherland’s photographs. While dancers wear these dresses, they harness the power to transport viewers back into the natural landscape of the island, translating movements of the sea into anthropomorphic motion.


(recurrence) horizon introduces the Manhattan populous to a rigorous, concentrated window into the vitality of Nantucket. Sutherland has called Nantucket home for over 25 years, capturing its essence initially in film. In the mid-2000s, Sutherland began experimenting extensively with digital medium format hasselblads, both inland and on the coast. While Sutherland’s signature style developed, the artist created three unique digital bodies of work: (continuous) gesture, (i thought) the sea, and (regarding) the land. (recurrence) horizon displays a distilled collection of photographs from each series, occurring over the last decade.

A wide selection of the photographs chosen illustrate Sutherland’s recent, diligent experiments with lengthy exposure, often from the perspective of peering out at the horizon line over varying temperaments of the water below. The melding of clouds and sea over a calculated duration produce an illusion of movement; revealing each second of cascading waves, captured in the stillness of one frame. The reanimated life force of these stilled activities is truly embodied and fully realized in the gesture of dance at Joyce Theatre. The presence of fabric in the gallery space, once again subduing its dynamism through the draping of each costume onto static fiberglass figures, is merely capable of hinting at the gyrating vitality achieved through human form alone.

About Daniel Sutherland
Daniel Sutherland is an established fine art photographer working in the landscape tradition. Living on Nantucket for the past 25 years. Working with medium and large format cameras has facilitated thoughtful engagement with an ever-changing landscape sculpted by the sea and salt-laden winds, unimpeded by topographical elevation. Sutherland delights in the playful boundary between representation and abstraction, often revealing distilled references in otherwise representational forms though reduction and simplification of elements found in the environment. As a beneficiary of Nantucket’s exemplary tradition of conservation, Sutherland has forged a long-standing relationship with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation; the island’s largest conservation organization. His work has found its way into many collections across the United States and Europe.

About D2D/T

D² Dance/Theater, an Urban-Contemporary Artists and Project Mgmt. Co. with a fusion of Multimedia Arts, Contemporary Dance and an emphasis of Urban sensibility. Dance is for everyone and is born out of everyday life. D2D/T’s movement ideology is an intersection of where the street and studio meet and is an amalgamation of soundscapes of life and the rhythms steeped in daily movement. It is the synergistic impact of the life on the stage and delivered from the spirit of those who came before.


About Regina Harsanyi

Harsanyi has been working in a curatorial capacity since 2013, beginning with assistance at the Godwin Ternbach Museum in Queens, New York. She continued curatorial training through her master’s degree from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, where she was chosen as one of only eight PhD and MA candidates for the 2016-2017 Curatorial Collaborative season. Harsanyi is primarily interested in showcasing topics of time-based media from historical, archival, and technical perspectives. She remains focused on the technical and operational aspects of time-based media artwork, including documentation and preservation, from plastics to software. No stranger to photography, Harsanyi previously interned at the leading photography gallery, Pace/MacGill and gaining years of experience with both unframed and glazed photographs and prints in the operations department at Sotheby’s. As Director of New Media at Wallplay, Harsanyi continues to manage artist relations and assists with curatorial efforts for clients and the company at large.

Gallery 151 is made possible by the generous support of Alfa Development & Michael Namer.

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