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Gallery 151 | 245 West 14th Street NYC 10011
On view until April 18th-May 6th, 2018
Curated by Luke Namer and Sam Sutcliffe

Alfa Development’s latest addition to its Green Collection of sustainable properties targeting LEED Gold Certification, 200 E 21 Gramercy, will be hosting an exhibition and series of events to celebrate Earth Day 2018. The events will center around a month-long interactive exhibition OSMUNDA installed at Gallery 151, a gallery founded by Alfa’s CEO Michael Namer 10 years ago.

Featuring: Ag Tech X, Alessia Reggiani, Alex Allaux, Ambrosia Elixirs, Angela Del Sol, Aquatorium, being((:))sound, Bio:Glitz, Clear Studios, David Block, Desdemona Dallas, Evan Yee Studio, Funguyzz, Georgia Marcantoni, Hanoux, Horti, Lloyd Stevie, Madeline Lynch, Manuel, Max Smith, Plant in City: Huy Bui, Pooya Hosseini, Rhizome NYC, Sasha Charoensub. Scott Goodman, AESOP, The Art Rising, Tyler Goldflower, and more…

Organized by the non-profit production team Future Clear, the social impact film organization Redefined Films, and Solare CreativeOsmunda is a three-week experiential lab, exposition, and artist residency focused on reconnecting the thread between humanity and nature. Osmunda is inspired by the dream of native royal ferns growing through the cracks of the city streets. By showcasing biophilic art, technology, workshops, and grassroots projects, the exhibition aims to encourage New Yorkers to adopt sustainable practices. Installations include over twenty emerging artists, who have come together to create an immersive space for cross-pollinated learning, reminding humans that they too are nature.

Osmunda is primarily focused on learning by experience, which will be demonstrated through eco-design thinking workshops. Experts, who have been serving New York City ecology in their respective fields, will share their work in conjunction with the major challenges they are facing. After the opening, participants will engage in the design thinking process with guidance from Osmunda facilitators. Throughout the exhibition, twelve handpicked residents will also interact with visitors to share their process in using media, sound, sustainable fashion, and education to better their ecosystems

OSMUNDA Schedule of Programming at Gallery 151:


April 18th: Osmunda Opening

 April 20th: Creativity in Action by Solare Creative

 Apri 22nd: Osmunda Earth Day Activation

 April 24th: Food Justice and Urban Farm Workshop

 April 25th: Future of Urban Agriculture Workshop

 April 26th: Eco Fashion Show

 April 27th: Reducing Plastic, Reusing Waste Workshop

 April 28th: Forage Workshop and Potluck

 April 30th: Growth Learning Workshop

 May 1st: Cleaning our Waterways Workshop

 May 3rd: Bridge Event with Joro Boro

 May 6th: Catskill Animal Sanctuary Talk

For more information on events throughout the festival, please visit www.osmunda.org.

About the Organizers  

Luke Namer is the founder of Redefined Films and an award-winning documentarian. Born and raised in New York City, Namer was inspired by the book Mannahatta by Eric Sanderson, which illuminated the thread between modern New York society and its history as an immensely biodiverse area. With Osmunda, Namer aims to prompt large communities of New Yorkers to spark deeper connections between themselves and the natural world and to engage visitors in sustainable practices for their own lives and neighborhoods.

Clear Studios is a holistic architectural design studio committed to creating dynamic, sustainable spaces.  Inspired by a collective exploration through Peru, Clear Studios aims to honor the earth through consciously integrating nature and technology into architecture.  With Osmunda, Clear Studios creates an immersive, interactive environment to illuminate an embodied understanding that we (the people and the city of New York) are not separate from nature, we are nature.

Impact Partner Organizations

Osmunda aims to mobilize visitors to support the following impact organizations:
ioby.org , NYC Parks Green Thumb, Smiling Hogshead Farm , Rise and Root Farm , New York Cares , Newtown Creek Alliance , Hellgate Farms


Gallery 151 is made possible by the generous support of Alfa Development & Michael Namer.

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