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On View from April 7 through April 25, 2011 at Gallery 151.

Julie Harvey shakes up the art world once again with her first highly anticipated solo exhibition “COLOR TEMPO”. Looking through the lens of a microscope, Harvey layer by layer creates an idealized world of effervescent movement and impossible color. Intrigued by dance, Harvey’s paintings focus on the contemporary human figure and how individual gestures reflect and celebrate a person’s identity.

“COLOR TEMPO” showcases Harvey’s mature works, specifically her use of both intense photo-realism and abstract color. The abstract backgrounds create the music and emotion for each piece. Working closely with her subjects, Harvey studies their movement and freezes their unique gesture into that reminiscent of an iconic sculpture. She begins by drawing from photographic references of the model’s pose, the first of many steps in a time-consuming process toward creating an idealized world. Harvey covers and perfects every inch of her aluminum canvas using a patented process that she created. Highly patterned designs and meticulous attention to figurative detail create a space where foreground and background become one. With Harvey’s outlandish and fearless disposition, this show will be anything but ordinary.

  • Date: APRIL 7- APRIL 25, 2011
  • Filed under: PAST EXHIBITIONS