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Gallery 151 & Wallplay Present

Inseparable: The Soundwall Experience

On View from July 16 through September 1, 2014 at Gallery 151. 132 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Featuring: Ricky Aiello, Joseph Arthur and Spencer Tunick, Mia Berg, Jordan Doner, Walker Fee, Fab 5 FreddyElliot Goldstein, Justin Jay, Matt Jones, Derek Reist, Carrie Mae Rose, Allan Tannenbaum (courtesy of Rock Paper Photo) and Jay West

Curated by: Michael Namer, founder of Gallery 151 & Laura O’Reilly of Wallplay

Artist Talk Series: 6:30-9pm
August 12th – Matt Jones, Mia Berg & Bradley Theodore. Featuring live music from DJ Niko
August 14th – Elliot Goldstein, Derek Reist, & Rickey Aiello Jr. Featuring live music from DJ Mr. Klean
August 19th – Justin Jay & Allen Tannenbaum, with music from special guest DJ.
August 28th – Carrie Mae Rose with live music by BC Kingdom, courtesy of Saint Heron records.

Gallery 151 is pleased to announce Inseparable: The Soundwall Experience, a summer group exhibition in partnership with Soundwall that reaffirms music and visual art as inseparable forms of expression. Soundwall is customized, hand-crafted, framed artwork that hangs on the wall and plays music wirelessly. Using the Soundwall technology as a channel to explore the bond between sound and sight, each artist was asked to curate a song paired to their visual work.

Fred Brathwaite, also known as Fab 5 Freddy, has created an original piece for Gallery 151’s Inseparable exhibition. His vibrant, high energy “remixed” compositions have been exhibited around the world. In Fab 5 Freddy’s own words, “My abstract remix paintings were consciously conceived with a clear nod to the creative process that led to the development and creation of recorded hip hop music, which also is key in the development of the musical concept of the remix.”

Painter and musician Joseph Arthur and photographer Spencer Tunick are collaborating on a work which draws from a series they debuted last summer in La Cieneguita, Mexico. Arthur will paint on one of Tunick’s photographs of 15 women who posed nude on a rooftop in Redhook, Brooklyn. With Arthur’s music playing from the print, the Soundwall technology allows the collaboration to come even further to life as an audio-visual project. Following the acclaim for his new album Lou, Arthur’s song selection is highly anticipated. Rolling Stone calls the acoustic album “a moving tribute to Lou Reed.”

Painters in the exhibition Matt Jones, Jay West, Walker Fee, Ricky Aiello, Derek Reist and Bradley Theodore were asked to choose a song that inspired their work or played a part in the artistic process. The resulting works range from the figurative to abstract. Photographers Justin Jay, Mia Berg, Elliot Goldstein, Jordan Doner and Allan Tannenbaum paired songs to their prints, providing a voice to their images. The photographic prints take on new life with audio pulsing through them. Carrie Mae Rose contributed a digital design that reprises her exploration of the tetrahedron, which she first incorporated into her 3D-printed wearable “Wings” series that first debuted at Eyebeam.

Beginning July 16th, each piece of art will be featured on the capsule site As you scroll over each artwork, the song that the artist curated for his or her piece will play, creating a hybrid virtual Soundwall experience. The private opening reception will take place July 16th and will be open to the public until September 1st 11am-6pm at Gallery 151 in Chelsea.

Inseparable: The Soundwall Experience is a hybrid art, music & tech series featuring artist collaborations, exhibitions and events that seamlessly integrate art and music like never before. For more information visit:

About Gallery 151: The mission of Gallery 151 is to support emerging New York-based artists and provide a platform for their talent to be recognized by the public. Gallery 151 is the original premier pop-up gallery in New York City, now permanently located in Chelsea on West 18th Street. The first show at Gallery 151 was hosted by Fab 5 Freddy in December of 2007. This exhibit unveiled a collaborative wall of graffiti discovered during the renovation of 151 Wooster by Michael Namer, downtown developer and owner of the building at the time. One of the former residents of the building was Edit DeAK, who in the late 70′s and early 80′s allowed young artists to “tag” a wall in her loft – some of these “young artists” were Jean-Michel Basquiat, Fab 5 Freddy, Francesco Clemente, Futura 2000, Ero, Nesto, Koor and Johnny Dynell (among others). This graffiti wall was preserved over decades and finally uncovered during construction. Michael Namer immediately recognized the significance of this “holy grail” of graffiti and founded Gallery 151 so that the “151 Wild Style Wall” could be viewed along-side other works by artists of the same period (such as Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ero, and Koor). The success and popularity of the exhibit led to subsequent requests for exhibits by other artists, and the momentum from the first show in 2007 has continued through the present day. Gallery 151 is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Namer’s company ALFA Development and current building development project Village Green West. #gallery151 @gallery151

About Wallplay: Wallplay is a hybrid global art exhibition platform and creative agency. Founded in 2013 by curator Laura O’Reilly, Wallplay breaks down walls between creative industries by providing physical and virtual space for exhibitions to launch, evolve and travel.  Wallplay is lead by a team of transmedia storytellers who activate, document and curate art campaigns and experiences that don’t fit into a box. #wallplay @wallplayground

ABOUT SOUNDWALL: SIMPLE. BEAUTIFUL. SOUND. SIMPLE TO USE Soundwall is simple to use. Just play music on your iPhone or iTunes and your Soundwall shows up under Airplay devices. Select your Soundwall for beautiful sound. You can also connect your Soundwall to another sound system like the Sonos. Android phones work too! BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK Soundwall is a custom-built art piece to hang on your wall. You commission your Soundwall with any image — a work of art, pictures of your kids, or a view of the San Francisco Bay. Choose your image and we’ll deliver your beautiful Soundwall. HI-FIDELITY SOUND Our technology combines a distributed mode speaker, advanced digital amplification and a versatile computer called the Raspberry Pi. The picture is the speaker, so the larger the Soundwall, the bigger the sound! Every Soundwall is handcrafted and individually tested in our Boulder, Colorado studio to ensure the highest quality. For more information on Soundwall and a complete list of artists visit

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