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On View from September 27 through October 27, 2012 at Gallery 151. 132 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Gallery 151 is proud to announce Beach Access by photographer Justin Jay. The gallery will feature works that offer an intimate perspective into the culture of professional surfers on the North Shore of Hawaii. Large scale landscape photographs of Oahu, coupled with candid captured moments of iconic surfers will create an immersive North Shore narrative not often experienced by outsiders. As viewers, we are invited to be voyeurs into the realm of a private community while we soak up the universal lushness of a tropical paradise.

In an age where we have the technology to simply document every waking moment of a person’s life, Justin Jay has instead learned to unearth hidden narratives that are won on a foundation of trust and privileged access. The North Shore is a notoriously tight-knit and territorial community. Outsiders need to be expressly invited into the fray by an existing member of the group. Jay has been able to accomplish just that. His unique experience shooting behind the scenes in the world of hip-hop has enhanced his ability to earn the confidence of a group that highly values respect, trust, and often shies away from infiltrators. His work exhibits the authenticity of the insider coupled with the psychology of the outsider, garnering an unparalleled vision.

Beach Access invites the viewer into a world where nature and the human experience dance in a colorful balance so genuine that you can nearly smell the ocean.

Curated by Mike Namer & The City Firm Inc. For more information on Justin Jay and to view his portfolio visit: http://www.JustinJay.com

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  • Date: 27 SEP - 27 OCT 2012
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