Liz Markus: Summertime Girls

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Peana Projects & Gallery 151 Present:

June 25 – July 23, 2015

Gallery 151 Annex & Private Residence in Hamptons

Summertime Girls is a two-part exhibition culminating in a month-long exhibition of artworks by the artist Liz Markus. The first part, entitled Girlfriends of the Rolling Stones, will be presented at the Gallery 151 Annex followed by the opening on the second part, entitled Town & Country, at a private residence in the Hamptons (to be announced shortly before opening).

The paintings in this exhibition will represent a selection of female subjects who have shaped the course of American history through their ambition, discernment, and consequential presence in the cultural abundance of their societies. Among these ranks are the likes of Babe Paley, Anita Pallenberg, and Nancy “Slim” Keith—women whose cultural import is often casually dismissed as frivolous femininity in a world dominated by male exploits, discounted as “socialites” or “groupies.” However, such female icons have in reality been vital players in powerful networks of cultural institutions, cultivating relationships within the arts, fashion, music, and culture in general.

As both an homage and an obfuscation of this undervalued demographic of women, Markus’ paintings appropriate tropes of the historic tradition of high-society portraiture in order to emphasize the stature of her subjects, yet they retain the distinctive quality of the artist’s hand. Known for her signature atmospheric blending aesthetic, Markus’ work maintains an element of unpredictability and chaos. Her figurative works are thus marked with a distinguishably uncanny personality with a materiality reminiscent of the works of Marlene Dumas and a compositional presence reminiscent of the works of Andy Warhol. Synthesizing images that are both harmonious in their aesthetics as well as perverted in their representation, Markus’ works are highly psychological in nature.

About Liz Markus:

Liz Markus was born in Buffalo, New York, and is living and working in Brooklyn, New York, currently exhibiting internationally. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1997 and her MFA from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1989. Her paintings are known for their distinctive technique and appropriation of imagery from American history and pop culture.


Curated by Ana Perez Escoto

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