Witness Above Ground

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On View from September 18 through October 15, 2014 at Gallery 151. 132 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Featuring: Alice Couttoupes, Luca Chiriani, David Gamble, Ron Galella, Michael Namer, Emma Stern, Carrie Elston Tunick & Natalie White

Witness Above Ground is a group exhibition that explores notions of voyeurism and what it means to watch as well as to be watched. Each of the artists presented play with the role of artist, which at times is best understood as that of the voyeur, the silent people-watchers capturing and portraying what they observe.  While several artists deal with the cult of celebrity and their never ending spotlights, others in this exhibition will explore the experience of being seen, to have one’s vision obscured, and what it means to see without permission.

Curated by Laura O’Reilly, Edward Daniel & Emerald Fitzgerald

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