A False Horizon: Art from Latin America

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A False Horizon: Art from Latin America
Curated by Ana Perez Escoto of PEANA Projects. 

On View: August 6th – September 3rd at
Gallery 151 132 W. 18th Street

A False Horizon: Art from Latin America offers a nuanced understanding of lines, plane, and space. The group exhibition consists of sculptures, drawings, and mixed-media prints that gravitate towards simple aesthetics and a sense of calculated control. The artists in the exhibi- tion grapple with practical methods of creation, particularly exposing labor and demystifying the artistic process. By dipping into this rich aesthetic tradition, the artists featured in the ex- hibition find unadulterated forms natural to their own time: pure and simple.

Participating artists include: Kariam Amaya, Silvina Arismendi, Adrian S. Bara, Aldo Chaparro, Alberto Lopez, Mario Navarro, Pier Stockholm, Rafael Vargas Suarez, and Alexis Zambrano. Latin American Art of the mid-20th century thrived off artists who successfully advanced pre- vious strains of geometric abstraction. Artists used modular forms and structures, or carefully conjoined simple planes and lines, in an effort to promote a utopian, democratic society. The rise of non-hierarchical geometric abstraction in a totalitarian Latin American climate, rife with regional tumult, lends the simple forms and modules special political and historical importance.

The artists exhibited in A False Horizon: Art from Latin America are offered through a collaboration with PEANA Projects and are not represented by Gallery 151.

All inquires, please contact:

Anastasia Voron, Director of Exhibitions at Gallery 151anastasia@wallplay.com

Ana Perez Escoto, Curator, ana@peanaprojects.com

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